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Laboratory and research of new materials and new production technologies.


Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of our company.
"Knowledge" is the first step to "finding the solution": first of all we try to understand the needs of our customer and therefore finding the solution to their needs, developing technology that best fits their need for materials and product applications.
Our materials, already suitable and certified at the time of processing, are one of the strengths of Merlett and the historic production originally from PVC has diversified over time to include PP, EVA , PU and thermoplastic rubbers.

The current trends in terms of research materials are those of using quality materials with high conductivity characteristics, particularly suitable to disperse the electrostatic currents, without accumulating electric charges, suitable for use in potentially hazardous environments, where electrostatic discharges could generate serious problems.

Due to the increasing demands from the market, recent research in our laboratory has been for the use of materials without containing phthalates, and the subsequent development of Phthalate Free hoses in different manufacturing technologies.

The challenge in recent years has been to be to combine different raw materials, creating new products and expanding the use to a large and growing number of substances. If certain substances before could only be used in contact with rubber hoses, today the objective of Merlett is to make the thermoplastic hoses suitable for the use with those substances and particular conditions of use.


The results over the years have been achieved thanks to a continuous development of new products, adding to our extensive range of innovative standard products in terms of materials used and consequent production technologies, which have in some cases revolutionized the market.
In addition to the numerous innovations that have affected the Merlett range of products to meet the ever-changing needs and specialized market, many of our products have become synonymous with the hose to be used: for example Arizona is the Merlett hose with over twenty years on the market, now indicated by end-users in a familiar way as the "grey-green", considered as the suction hose par excellence.  Another example is the Armorvin group of hoses, which has become synonymous with transparent hose with a steel spiral.

The strength of Merlett is our ability to combine the energy given by the experience of traditional products with the innovation brought by cutting edge solutions in order to continually renew and strengthen our brand as a leader in the market.